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Our Vision

The goal of Joint Heir Media Group is to create a network of Christian churches, businesses and individuals that will renew traditional moral values in our media and entertainment. By uniting ministries, Christian artists, multimedia content producers, and benefactors, we will help to spark a return to core Biblical values in the entertainment industry.

The vision of Joint Heir Media Group began in 1997. Since that time we have been actively aiding local churches maximize their outreach ministries.

The founder of Joint Heir Media Group is Steve Croom. He is a Gold and Platinum award winning Recording and Live Sound Engineer with over 15 years of experience. He has a degree in Audio Engineering as well as his Certified Technology Specialist certification from the International Communications Industries Association. He is a past member of the Audio Engineering Society. His experience has given him a great understanding of how acoustics effect the clarity of sound. Currently, he is the Production Manager for Faith Ministries Christian Center in Lorain, Ohio.

Steve has done sound in hundreds of venues around the country from small local theaters to the SuperDome. He has been responsible for numerous satellite uplinks, live television programs, and "live to tape" shows. He also has experience creating still and motion graphics for print,the web and video. His desire is to bring his experiences to the church in an effort to help further the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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